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Women in Business - Shirley Young, Two Worlds Consultancy

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Women in Business - Shirley Young, Two Worlds Consultancy

After 20+ years working with the government on social policies, Shirley Young founded Two Worlds Consultancy six years ago to champion Aboriginal families through therapeutic social work services.

Shirley is a proud Aboriginal woman with a clear passion for Aboriginal families and reunification through therapeutic social work services, evidenced by her work extending its reach across the State and nationwide.

Recognising the need to refine her business skills, Shirley joined the Women in Business Program before taking the leap in scaling her business. Aspiring to empower Aboriginal families by supporting their social and emotional well-being, Shriley views her mission as not just a business but as a representation of her culture, fueling her drive to achieve success in her mission to help her community.

Find out more about what Shirley has learned from the Women in Business Program and how she’s using it to help her scale her business.

The Women in Business Program, while emotionally challenging, has been transformative for Shirley, leading her to embrace vulnerability and growth. One key takeaway was the importance of self-care, vital for someone so committed to helping her community.

Her advice for women in business is simple yet powerful: "Back yourself. Believe you have what it takes."

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