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Women in Business - Natalie Oliveri, Creative Therapy

Women in Business - Natalie Oliveri, Creative Therapy

Since founding Creative Therapy Adelaide in 2021, music therapist Natalie Oliveri and her team have been providing creative and meaningful therapy services to a broad range of people across the lifespan. Natalie’s business focuses on the transformative powers of the creative arts and she aspires to expand and grow the business and team, creating a supportive environment for clients and her team alike.

For Natalie, one of the things she struggled with as a business leader was overcoming ‘tall poppy syndrome’, but through the Women in Business Program she’s been able to grow her confidence and connect with other female business leaders.

Natalie says the program has helped her feel like she isn’t alone, as well as giving her some practical tips and skills she can use as a business owner.

Find out more about what Natalie has learned from the Women in Business Program and how she’s using it to evolve her business.

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