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Information, tools and resources for South Australian small business owners
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South Australia's Small Business Strategy 2023-2030

South Australia’s Small Business Strategy 2023-2030 is designed to support small businesses to adapt, grow and succeed, now and into the future.

The strategy outlines how the government’s policies and programs will support and empower you to take your small business to new heights.

There are 20 initiatives within six themes to help you take advantage of new opportunities and get on with business.

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Women in Business program

The Women in Business Program is a four year, $4 million program supporting women in starting, running and growing their businesses.
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Small Business Fundamentals Program

Programs opening soon | Tailored support to help you build your business know-how.
DIIS cyber

Cyber Uplift Step Program

Boost your business' cyber capability and learn how to secure your precious data with the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre.
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Mental Health and Wellbeing Program

Support for business owners and their employees to build resilience and cope with mental health challenges and stressors.

Connect with a Small Business Support Officer

Access dedicated support and advice to help you run your business through one of our Small Business Support Officers. Email the Office for Small and Family Business to connect with your representative.

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Healthy workplaces

The Healthy Workplaces initiative aims to build a healthy, safe and thriving workplace for everyone.

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Support for regional business

Connecting regional South Australian businesses to information, support and services within their area.

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Upcoming events for small business

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